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Fifteen years of exceptional service. Dr. Shanahan and his staff have consistently provided our family with the best, most professional service!
I appreciate the quick, friendly, and professional assistance overall. Amanda does an excellent job in explaining the procedures; also, explanation of the financial part is easy to understand.
Dr. Shanahan, Marilyn, and everyone else who works with him to keep my teeth in top shape are knowledgeable, focused on doing the best job possible, and supportive of me and one another. I admire their professionalism and appreciate their friendship.
Dr. Shanahan’s office staff are all friendly, accommodating, and courteous. They are willing to work with patients’ schedules and will find a way to fit a visit in same day when pain is an issue. The clean, modern facility offers all the latest technology to ensure that procedures are completed quickly and with minimal discomfort. Little touches, like fish tanks, hand massage, refreshments, and comfortable waiting area make going to the dentist more pleasant.
I’ve suffered from severe anxiety from orthodontists and dentists. I would be terrified to get my teeth cleaned. With time Dr. S. and his crew made me realize that this was never going to kill me. Everybody was kind, understanding, and made sure I was comfortable whenever I started to panic. They also gave me laughing gas whenever I felt nervous. Great care, people, and service. I no longer fear the dentist and actually anticipate seeing all of his crew and catching up with my dental hygienist, who’s become a great friend!
I strongly recommend Dr. Bryan Shanahan’s dental office. The staff is super-professional, very informative, and patient-friendly. I have been a patient of Dr. Shanahan for over 20 years and his office takes appointments very seriously as they are always on time! No long waiting periods as in other medical and dental offices. Moreover, Dr. Shanahan’s office has the latest computerized equipment that maintains records, helps in determining the path to take with the patient, and the records are always accessible to the patient in situ. I highly and enthusiastically recommend Dr. Shanahan and his staff.
Growing up, a trip to the dentist has always tested my ability to handle anxiety. Ever since my introduction with Dr. Shanahan, I have consistently been impressed with his knowledge and foresight with my dental needs. As a bonus, I am comfortable and feel safe in voicing my opinions and concerns, knowing it will be acknowledged and considered in its entirety. The staff has demonstrated to me over and over their commitment to providing the best care. I am astounded at how well they have accommodated my needs, not only in dental care but also in scheduling and charges. It is obvious they enjoy their work because it’s made apparent in the atmosphere they create from the moment I walk into the time I leave … smiling.
I have been going to Dr. Shanahan for about 15 years. I trust him because he helps me set realistic goals for my dental health, he is skilled in the newest technology, he hires kind and competent staff, and he makes me feel like I am part of his family. I appreciate all he has done for me over the years. Although my insurance coverage changed, I opted to stay with him because he is committed to my health. I appreciate all he does.
I was a new patient that had never been seen before by Dr. Shanahan’s office. I had been in a lot of pain over the weekend with what I thought was just TMJ. I called his office hoping they might see me this week, they got me in THAT day! I was totally amazed at the high-tech equipment in the office. I was also amazed at how friendly everyone was and with Dr. Shanahan’s expertise! He immediately found that I had an infection and needed a root canal right away. They scheduled me for the very next day! I can’t say enough about how great Dr. Shanahan is; he really was a life saver! I am now on the recovery and my TMJ is starting to go away as well. I was days away from being hospitalized with the growing infection and pain. Dr. Shanahan was just amazing and I am very thankful to have found him when I did or I don’t think my outcome would have been nearly the same!
Your dentist office and staff are always great! I love that there is cookies and coffee in the morning!
I am 52 and have been afraid of the dentist for as long as I can remember. These people make you feel comfortable and really cared for. If I can’t see Dr. Shanahan, I won’t see anyone!
I have always hated going to the dentist, but the staff and doctor work hard to make it a pleasant experience (even for one who has a long-term fear!). Thanks for being so great!
I absolutely hate going to the dentist. I have been known to leave the dentist’s office, even after checking in with the receptionist. Dr. Shanahan has changed my whole experience of going to the dentist. I don’t have to hide the fact that I am anxious. Dr. Shanahan does whatever it takes to make the treatment pain-free and comfortable. And he is always on the cutting edge of new techniques and treatments. Because of him, my children don’t dread dental appointments the way I have in the past. I believe he is one of the best dentists in Flagstaff!
I’ve always had a pleasant experience at Dr. Shanahan’s office. Everyone is very nice and friendly. All procedures and problems are explained to me very thoroughly. Even when I had billing questions, the staff sat down and went through things with me until I had a full understanding of the matters at hand. I would recommend Dr. Shanahan to anyone.
The whole reason I like going to Dr. Shanahan’s office is because the staff is always friendly and professional. Bryan always stays cutting edge when it comes to different techniques of dentistry. Then there is the equipment. Bryan hands down has the best dental in Northern AZ, which ultimately leads to a great experience.
With state-of-the-art equipment and an amazingly well-trained and personable staff, our family has had nothing but the best dental experiences! Great music, also!
I and my family have been patients since Dr. Shanahan began his practice over twenty years ago. We have always received excellent dental care. His staff has always been professional in their office duties. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for excellent, professional, and considerate dental care.
I’ve been a patient since 1998. I’ve referred many many people over the years, still referring people. Dr. Shanahan and his staff are amazing! Best dentist in town.

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