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Snap-On Fixed Dentures

Are you struggling with missing teeth or fed up with uncomfortable dentures that slip and slide? Enjoy newfound confidence and comfort with LOCATOR FIXED snap-on dentures from Peak Family Dental Care in Cottonwood, AZ. We are dedicated to restoring smiles and enhancing lives with innovative, trusted dental solutions that meet your unique needs. Our commitment to offering cutting-edge procedures ensures our patients have more choices to meet a range of dental goals. Contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss how we can brighten your smile.
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How Do Implant-Supported Dentures Work?

LOCATOR FIXED snap-on dentures are a breakthrough in restorative dentistry and an attractive option for anyone seeking a stable and lasting solution to replace missing teeth. These combine the attractive affordability of traditional dentures with the reliability of dental implants to deliver a lower-cost option that doesn't require the frequent adjustments of a non-permanent product. Also known as overdentures, they work through strategically placed locators on top of dental implants, which act like durable buttons. The overdentures snap securely onto these locators, providing a fit that's tight and trustworthy and feels more natural than traditional dentures that tend to shift and slide.
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Less Time Spent in the Dental Chair

Our team employs a streamlined process for providing LOCATOR FIXED snap-on dentures. From start to finish, it requires less time in the dentist's chair than a dental implant procedure, which also adds to the lower cost of the work. Here's what patients can expect:

  • Dental Consultation - It all starts with a personalized consultation to ensure this is the right path for you.
  • Impressions for Temporary Dentures - A temporary solution will provide you with function while we take time to perfect the final product.
  • Implant Insertion - With precision and care, implants are inserted into the jawbone to help retain the underlying bone's health.
  • Healing Time - A crucial phase where the body adapts to the implants, allowing them to fuse with the bone.
  • Abutment Placement - These connectors are your snap-on's future foundation and a critical component to their success.
  • Final Impressions and Overdenture Fitting - Tailored to you, we take impressions for a custom denture before it's finally set in place.

The Smile Advantages are Clear

If you already have traditional dentures or are a new patient venturing into the world of dental replacements for the first time, this option can satisfy both needs. Overdentures uphold your bone structure and deter facial sagging, and unlike traditional dentures, these stay put without adhesives or creams. You can even brush them just like natural teeth. With LOCATOR FIXED dentures, you're introduced to numerous benefits:

  • Stable & Secure - Have confidence with every smile, chat, and meal.
  • Lifelike Functionality - They don't just look like your teeth; they function as your own.
  • Bone Preservation - Encouraging underlying bone health and maintaining facial structure.
  • Low Maintenance - Simplified cleaning routine without the need for removal.
  • Efficiency - Less time in the dental chair means more time enjoying life.
  • Cost-Effective - A luxury that is more affordable and just as transformative.

Find Out if Snap-On Dentures Are Right for You

With LOCATOR FIXED snap-on dentures at Peak Family Dental Care in Cottonwood, AZ, the path to a confident, functional smile is much closer than you think. We invite you to experience this dental innovation that allows you to embrace convenience, comfort, and quality without the expense typically associated with dental implants. Our practice is known for its relaxed atmosphere and the welcoming environment we've created for every visitor. Our patient reviews speak volumes for the care we take with every procedure, instilling confidence in each client that they’re receiving the best care from trusted dentists. Reclaim the joy of a secure and beautiful smile by contacting our office to schedule a consultation for snap-on dentures.
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