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Restore Dental Function and Aesthetics With Dentures

Patients missing several teeth or an entire dental arch can restore the beauty and function of their smile with custom-made dentures. At Peak Family Dental Care in Flagstaff, AZ, Dr. Bryan J. Shanahan offer both traditional and implant-supported dentures to address our patients’ varying needs. To determine which type of denture is right for you, we can evaluate the health of your teeth, gums, and jawbone and customize your treatment to meet your unique dental needs.

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Types of Dentures

Traditional and implant-supported dentures both offer unique benefits. Which is best suited to you will depend on your goals for treatment and budget. During your initial consultation at Peak Family Dental Care, you will have the opportunity to discuss your options in-depth with the doctors.
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Your Treatment Plan

During your consultation, our doctors can thoroughly assess your oral health. We may also take a number of X-rays and other advanced images for a comprehensive view of your jawbone. Based on this evaluation and your own goals for treatment, our doctors can determine the best treatment plan for you.

On the one hand, if you elect a traditional restoration, we can immediately take a set of impressions to send to the laboratory for fabrication. On the other hand, if you proceed with implant-supported dentures, you will need to undergo dental implant surgery before you can receive your restoration. After a four to six-month healing period, you can return to our office for impressions, which will serve as the basis of your custom dentures.

We work closely with a dental laboratory that specializes in fabricating both traditional and implant-supported dentures. It typically takes about two weeks to manufacture your restoration. Once your prosthesis is ready, we can double-check its fit to ensure that it both looks and feels as natural as possible.

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Dentures offer a lasting and aesthetically-pleasing solution for patients with significant tooth loss.

Are Dentures Right for You?

Dentures offer a lasting and aesthetically-pleasing solution for patients with significant tooth loss. Contact us online or call us at 928-774-2500 to schedule a consultation and determine if dentures are right for you.

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