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Plan a Personalized Smile Makeover to Achieve Your Goals

At Peak Family Dental Care in Cottonwood and Flagstaff, AZ, we understand the importance of having confidence in your smile. To help our patients achieve their cosmetic goals, we offer personalized smile makeovers that can be tailored to flatter your features. A smile makeover is a treatment plan that incorporates various cosmetic procedures such as porcelain veneers, clear aligners, or teeth whitening. We can help you address a range of imperfections including stains, chips, cracks, gaps, and more. Our skilled doctors, Bryan J. Shanahan, are dedicated to executing each procedure with exceptional attention to detail, providing the highest level of care for outstanding results.

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Is a Smile Makeover the Right Choice for You?

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, a smile makeover may be an excellent solution for you. Not only can you customize your treatment, our doctors will apply their knowledge and experience to help you select the most efficient procedure combinations to create your ideal smile.

However, a smile makeover may not be an option for every patient right away. If you are suffering from gum disease or other oral health issues, you will need to receive the proper restorative treatment to alleviate these issues before you are eligible for cosmetic procedures. Your restorative options may include:

  • Root canal therapy
  • Scaling and root planing
  • Treatment for decay
  • Dental implants treatment
  • Dental crowns
During your consultation, we will perform an in-depth examination of your oral health to ensure that a smile makeover is right for you.
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Benefits of a Smile Makeover

The most obvious benefit of undergoing a smile makeover is new found self-confidence. Our doctors design your smile with your surrounding facial features in mind for truly flattering results. This treatment can significantly enhance your overall appearance. A gleaming smile can also positively impact your social, professional, and personal lives. Many patients find that when they are no longer insecure about their smile, they are more likely to engage in social situations and often radiate confidence. It gives our doctors great personal satisfaction to help you achieve this improved quality of life. In addition, combining multiple cosmetic procedures into one custom plan can shorten treatment timelines and lower overall costs.
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Our doctors design your smile with your surrounding facial features in mind for truly flattering results.

What Treatments Can Be Included?

Depending on your unique treatment goals, we can include a number of procedures in your makeover. We will help you strategically plan your treatment to ensure that you achieve the most efficient results.
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Planning Your Care

While some of our cosmetic treatments may accomplish similar goals, there may be certain combinations that work best for you. Our doctors must consider the imperfections you wish to address and their severity. For instance, while teeth whitening may be able to remove stains, patients who also wish to close a gap may benefit from consolidating these two aspects and receiving either a porcelain veneer or bonding treatment instead. Our doctors can also make professionally informed recommendations after evaluating your smile to help you achieve the best results in the quickest time possible.

When planning your smile makeover treatments, our doctors always take into account the most efficient means of accomplishing your goals. By organizing the procedures in the most logical manner, we can ensure that you do not incur unnecessary costs or repetitive treatments. This process can not only reduce your expenses but also allow you to complete treatment as quickly as possible.

Our practice has been providing successful smile makeovers for over 25 years. The entire staff at Peak Family Dental Care is devoted to providing the highest level of care and will make your smile makeover experience unforgettable. Do not allow cracks, gaps, and other imperfections to hold you back from living your best life. Schedule a consultation today by contacting us online or by phone at 928-774-2500.

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