Unlocking Your Best Smile: The Ideal Candidate for Invisalign

Invisalign clear aligners (braces)

Who Is a Good Candidate for Clear Braces in Arizona?

Clear Aligners in Flagstaff, Cottonwood & Sedona AZ

A beaming smile provides confidence and happiness. We understand dental concerns like crooked teeth, overbites, and underbites can lower confidence levels. Clear tooth aligners, or clear braces, are an excellent dental solution. Clear aligners are a wonderful choice if you’re looking for the perfect way to avoid traditional metal brackets. Peak Family Dental Care helps our Flagstaff, Cottonwood, and Sedona patients determine if they are the perfect candidate for clear braces. We’ll help you understand what clear tooth aligners can do for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. 

How Do Clear Braces Work?

Clear tooth aligners are customized to fit the needs of your mouth. The aligners gradually guide your teeth into their correct position when used as directed, with each set typically replaced every two to three weeks. For optimal results, wearing clear tooth aligners for no less than 22 hours a day is recommended. You should only remove them to eat, drink, brush, and floss. The average treatment period is about twelve months. We meet with patients every few weeks to monitor tooth movement. 

The Clear Tooth Aligner Process

Our dental team will meet with you to determine if you’re the perfect candidate for clear tooth aligners. We take in-depth images of your teeth with our 3D X-ray machine to create a customized treatment plan. The X-rays help us determine a movement plan to ensure your teeth fall into proper alignment with treatment. We send the clear aligner plan to our lab, where they create a customized set of clear aligner trays. 

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Clear Aligners?

We will meet with you to discuss your personal dental goals and needs to determine if you are an ideal candidate for clear aligners. If you can handle the maintenance of an oral appliance and have positive dental health, you should be a candidate for clear teeth aligners. Some of the most common variables that make a patient perfect for clear aligners include the following: 

  • The patient should avoid smoking.
  • The patient should have positive oral hygiene discipline. 
  • The patient must commit to the guidelines of clear aligners, including wearing them daily.
  • The patient should have healthy gum tissue.
  • The patient should not have any severe dental problems.

Orthodontic Issues Addressed by Clear Aligners

Clear tooth aligners are typically recommended for adults and older teenagers. Younger patients don’t usually have a mature enough jaw for the treatment. Clear aligners can often target the causes of TMJ, so they may improve jaw pain by alleviating TMJ issues. Some of the most common conditions addressed by clear tooth aligners include the following:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Gaps in teeth
  • Underbite
  • Overbite
  • Protruding teeth
  • Crossbite

Invisible Clear Aligner Benefits

Clear aligners for teeth help correct multiple dental issues. Our patients love the look and feel of clear aligners. Some of the many benefits of tooth clear aligners include the following:

  • Aesthetics – Clear tooth aligners offer a discreet way to gently move your teeth without metal or wires. 
  • Comfort – Our patients love the comfort of customized clear aligners that perfectly fit their mouths. 
  • Removable – Clear teeth aligners are easily removable for eating and drinking.
  • Less Irritation – Clear braces don’t irritate most patients’ gums or cheeks like metal braces.
  • Successful Teeth Movement – Patients get faster tooth movement with clear tooth aligners.

Are Clear Aligners Different from Traditional Braces?

Clear aligners are different than braces but have the same concept. The role of clear aligners and braces is to put pressure on teeth that gradually move the teeth into the desired position. The most significant ways that clear aligners differ from traditional metal include the following: 

  • Structure – Metal, traditional braces have brackets and wire. Clear tooth aligners are made of plastic that forms a wearable tray.
  • Adjustability – Braces must be adjusted by shortening the wires or extending them between their metal brackets. Clear tooth aligners must be exchanged for another set that replaces the initial tray. 
  • Removability – Traditional braces are permanently attached to your teeth. Clear aligners can easily be removed. 

Why are Clear Aligners Best for Older Patients?

Most patients who use clear tooth aligner treatments are adolescents and adults. It’s important to maintain a heightened level of dental maintenance to ensure your teeth move while keeping the clear aligner clean. Patients must remember the following clear aligner maintenance tips: 

  • Brush teeth at least two to three times a day.
  • Floss teeth regularly.
  • Wash your clear aligners with mild soap and water. 
  • Rinse and dry your clear aligner trays before storage.

Who Is Not a Clear Aligner Candidate?

Clear teeth aligners are best for patients who agree to wear the aligner for 22 or more hours a day. If a patient is going to frequently remove the aligner, they may not be the best candidate. Some of the other factors that don’t make a patient an excellent candidate for clear braces include the following: 

  • Patients with active gum disease.
  • Patients who will not correctly store their clear aligners.
  • Patients with an active cavity.
  • Patients with severe oral issues. 
  • Patients with severe bruxism.

The Importance of Properly Wearing Clear Tooth Aligners

Clear teeth aligners offer many advantages over traditional braces when used properly. If a patient has underlying dental issues, they should not try clear braces. Clear tooth aligners can reduce oxygen to the gum tissue if you already have cavities. A reduction in oxygen can cause tooth decay to thrive. We perform an extensive dental examination to determine if a patient has any dental issues. We advise wearing the clear aligners properly. If a patient cannot keep the clear aligners in their mouth for 22 hours per day, they should choose another dental treatment. 

Dental Evaluation for Clear Aligner Candidacy

The best way to know if you’re a viable candidate for clear tooth aligners is to get a dental evaluation from our team. We will assess your teeth and perform a thorough examination. We always help find the best way to improve your smile. If your teeth need severe help, we offer other options. We can discuss invisible braces, traditional braces, and more. If you have mild to moderately misaligned teeth, clear tooth aligners are an excellent option. We can discuss your candidacy for clear aligners at your next dental visit.

Contact Peak Family Dental Care for Clear Braces

We want to help determine if you’re the perfect candidate for clear tooth aligners. Our patients love the discreet look of clear aligners that successfully give them a new smile. Our dental team offers a comfortable space where you can find the best dental treatments for your needs. We offer innovative dental treatments to help you look and feel your best. Ask us about our comprehensive dental services, including hybrid dentureslaser dentistrysleep apnea treatmentpediatric dentistrydental implants, and more. Clear tooth aligners are an excellent way to get the smile you love. We can straighten your teeth without metal and brackets today. If you have any questions about clear braces, we are here to answer them. Contact us today to schedule a dental consultation to determine if you are a candidate for clear tooth aligners.